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A small question about purchasing a keyboard.


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I've decided to get a keyboard for Christmas. I already have a piano and so am looking for a relatively cheap (around 250 euro, but can push up for something a bit more expensive) keyboard for portability and for use with a computer (midi output is a must).


My research led me of course to the Casio WK 200/210, however the only place I could find that sells it is the US amazon, and as I live in Ireland, the shipping is well over 200 dollars, a price that I am not willing to pay.


My question for you is a) is there anywhere I can buy the WK 200/210 that will ship to Ireland for a more reasonable price? Or b) if not, what other keyboard has the same features that I could pick up instead? I've found the Casio WK 240 on an Irish website, and although it seems a bit more expensive, it seems to be similar, what are the major differences?


Thanks for your time, I've never bought a keyboard before so I feel a bit lost with all the bells and whistles and technical jargon on the websites. Thanks.

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Hello Iopia!


Welcome to The Keyboard Corner.


I own a Casio WK 200. The WK 240 is the same keyboard, but updated. Of the two, that's the model to buy. You'll have to visit Casio's website to view the differences.


Good luck!




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Ok that makes sense, all the reviews for the wk 200 were several years old, while I couldn't find much on the wk 240. Thanks for helping out, I really appreciate it. I'll order it tonight, as long as it has the same main features I'm happy. Cheers!


EDIT: I noticed on the same website the Casio WK 6600, which for only 20 euro more on the website seems to be a huge step up, so I think I may treat myself to buying that if I can't find the WK 200 for less than 379. Correct me if I'm completely wrong, I may well be as I have absolutely no experience with this, but it looks like a much higher quality keyboard for only a tiny bit more money. Again, thanks for the help though!

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I agree 100% about Thomann. I live in the UK, and have had LOADS of stuff from them over the years.


Delivery is usually 3-4 days, and the one time something went wrong (a screw on a keyboard stand was missing) they sorted it out in about a week.


Prices are good too.




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Try www.thomann.de

Great advice but it reads (now) like you didn't try the link the OP provided in the previous post, unless it wasn't there when you first replied - I see that you both did some editing.


Anywho, just by the specs it does seem like the WK6600 is easily worth 20 more. What does that buy you nowadays - a few pints of Guiness in the pub? :cheers:

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