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Site That Lets You Shootout Guitar Pedals - In Real Time!

Adam Ben Amitai

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Hi Everyone!

Ive been working on this thing for quite some time now, and im excited to share it with everyone and hear what you think.


ShootOut.fm is a site that lets you easily shootout different guitar pedals. You can choose up to five pedals at a time and then seamlessly switch between them, while the same exact guitar riff is being played through them. it also lets you switch blindly between them, so you can really focus on what you hear and not what you think you hear .


Heres a short vid that shows how it works.





currently the site features around one hundred pedals in 5 categories - overdrive, delay, reverb, compressor and chorus, and I'll be adding a lot more soon.

We also have a huge microphones category!


Any feedback, requests, comments, questions, cries of disgust and/or indecent proposals are very very welcomed.




ShootOut.fm - The Shootout Site!
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Pretty cool demo...+1 on using a looper to compare pedals. You can also run a dry loop through your own pedal board and spend a couple hours on the floor adjusting knobs and kicking in combos, etc. I also use the loop concept to set amp and PA knobs...


One additional thought for the site: Using the Fender Fuse software concept, you can adjust knobs/settings live using your laptop screen. Might be worth looking at. After comparing guitar loops and pedals, being able to make adjustments while the loop is playing would let you hear and make some fine tuning adjustments...and you could come up with a way that the user would use his own guitar while plugged in to the site in addition to using the site guitar loops... :cool:

Take care, Larryz
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