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Last Monday

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I was at a very interesting event this past week-

originally I thought it was a singing competition, along the lines of `X-factor`. That is even what the ads said. But the first surprise everyone got was, that it was NOT a competition, but a charity event in support of Refugees International. They have a bigger event going in January and, it looks like they are going to put an evening`s entertainment together from the people who auditioned, but not because they are the best or the most experienced. So basically we have no idea what they are looking for, we just have to wait and see who gets contacted. There was a panel of three judges, but they were more like expert commentators. One of them happened to be someone I had a singing lesson or two with last year. To me this was the best part-they made some really interesting comments about presentation, song choice, voice technique etc., I wish I had a recorder to get all their comments. Some people brought backing tracks, some brought instruments. One guy had a looping unit and did an original composition. I was originally going to bring a guitar and play one of my songs but changed my mind, I wanted to focus on vocals so I brought a backing track and did a cover song. I don`t care about getting selected so much, but with the panel there I`m still wondering whether it would have been better to do an original song. One guy who did an original was asked to hang around after the show. Oh well-wait and see I guess.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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