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New Synth Modules


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These look really cool:




Jupiter X:

A monophonic synth with a single Juno DCO voice.


Oscillator with SAW, SQR/PWM and SUB waveforms.

SUPERSAW unison setting for the SAW waveform.


LFO and AR-envelope.


DSP filter with LPF, HPF and Resonance setting.


MIDI input for note on/off.


5 volt CV/Gate input for oscillator. Frequency range 65-2093Hz (C2-C7).

5 volt CV input for filter cutoff.

External audio input to filter.


Great analog sound.


$330 ready built or $235 for a kit including all parts, knobs, box and frontpanel.






The 65x60mm all analog JU-X monophonic Juno voice..


Just CV/Gate, PWM-CV and Pitch-CV 0-5v analog inputs.


SUPERSAW unison setting for the SAW waveform.


Great for sequencing and use with external filter.


$70 including shipping.




Full info on the webiste:


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If they are using Analog Devices DSP Chips, they will sound really good. Still won't track as low as an Analog, but the Neo Vent emulates an effect much more difficult than a Filter using the Sharc DSP chip from Analog Devices.


The idea of a Single Oscillator is a turn off though.

Maybe buying 3 of these might get you fat if they can be synced using CV.

Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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