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hammond xb-2 and HOAX


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I've used a vintage korg cx-3 with a ventilator for years. My playing style has completely moulded to the 'diving board' keys with drawbars on the left. I really want to upgrade my sound. How good is the HOAX? Was thinking of grabbing an old xb-2 and having the board installed. If anyone has used the HOAX please comment. Thanks.
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Hi there,


I have an XB-2 with HX3(HOAX) installed.

I also have a Numa organ, EMU B3 and Nord products [stage/electro3), a ventilator and leslie 860.


All I can say (I sound like a broken record :-)....) HX-3 is better than any other clone by some margin.

The tone is fat, balsy, alive, organic and combined with stellar keyclick (spot on) great chorus and percussion.

Add to that a superb overdrive and you understand that I am delighted with HX3.

Besides that it sounds absolutely terrfic through the leslie 860....my Numa organ didn't sound well at all through the 860....don't know why and how, but simply connecting the HX3 with the 860 gives me evrything soundwise I ever wanted from a digital organ.


So enough with the raving comments..I hope you will find an old XB-2 !

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I keep seeing references to this Hoax thing. If I wanted to get it in module form to trigger from my Kronos, would I just buy this:




I already have a Vent II.

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