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Production cost/quality

J. Dan

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A sound guy friend of mine was posting on facebook and got me thinking.


You guys often and regularly bitch about sound guys. It's generally damn good here. There are exceptions, of course. But lots of awesome options for reasonable rates.


Why? Why so good here? Theories? Music scene in general....it seems to be better here in terms of available gigs and pay...why? The costal folks like to think because us hick in flyover country cant get any other access to art. They are F-ing stupid, so I choose to ignore them.





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I could go on endlessly citing examples of bad sound guys but I think they fall into 3 broad categories.


The good ones - big acts, own sound guys who know how each song should be mixed - full sound checks in each venue.


The bad - come with venue no prior knowledge of the act, or each song, who solos where etc. the first three or four songs of the first set are the sound check, then set and forget.


The really bad - toured internationally with really loud bands in the 70's - no hearing left, now the house engineer at a local venue.


The one thing I really dislike is when they push the digital amps to 11, nothing destroys hearing faster than digital distortion.


Fortunately venues here are having to monitor SPL's which has reduced, but not eliminated, the digital distortion issue particularly where the PA is under powered for the venue.

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