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iCon Digital series USB MIDI controllers


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iCon Digital USA has a whole series of USB MIDI controllers. I was going through the site, and while some of them are blatant knockoffs of the Korg Nano series, there are some innovative ones that caught my eye. In particular:




Replace faders with backlit touchpad-strips and you have this:






But why thin touchpad strips when you can have one big-ass touchpad...?




Interestingly, the LEDs line up to form pseudo-faders. Among other modes of operation.


iControl Pro:


More conventional controls, but motorized:




I felt these are innovative enough to warrant their own thread. It's always nice to see more possibilities for expression...! On the flip side, their website and marketing leave much to be desired. Also, the controllers aren't exactly too easy on the eye, IMHO.


- Guru

This is really what MIDI was originally about encouraging cooperation between companies that make the world a more creative place." - Dave Smith
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