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Best Clavinet solos


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I was playing one of my Cannonball albums and I realized that this song has one of the great Clavinet solos by George Duke himself. I'm hoping y'all can add more clav solos/any style. I'm not sure I could think of any others. George made the most of different sounds on one solo - pretty cool. George's solo starts at 3 minutes in.



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"Rock Me Gently" has a really sweet Clav break midway through.

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Yeah, I was going to mention the stuck key, but I liked how he didn't let it get the best of him. He gave it a whack and kept on playing. The pants thing, well given that I've had to do the same thing from time to time, I felt it best to not point that out. :)

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Smokin' by Boston? I like it because it doesn't sound like a clav. :D.

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[George Duke video]


Clav starts at 4:15 but why miss the beginning?


LOVE the 80s! Love how the synths, the bass, the drums, the vocals, the mixing sound. The showmanship too. Also my urge to use pitch bend on clav patches is finally justified. (didn't now about the mod so far)

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This one always stuck in my head w/ Max Middleton's clav opening. Oh, and some other guy's playing synth later on too...


This is really a good choice, as I often use this very phrase when I am testing clav patches on prospective new keyboards. Max Middleton was a very underrated keyboard player, and really had some decent clav funk chops on his Jeff Beck album appearences




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In Apple parlance, you're playing it wrong.





I love that the artwork says "rock and roll" (for the era it was produced), but the performance is completely classical. :D

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I'd nominate this for the best clavinet intro of all time, if not necessarily the best solo.


And, if promoting something by Omartian comes too close to promoting religion, remember that he also produced (and played on) Piano Man.


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LOL... I had to go search for him.... his name is really David Briggs. Elvis must have been... "preoccupied".






He was introduced to me as David "Bobby" Briggs so I just assumed that was his nickname. But it's much funnier to picture The King foisting an unwanted nickname on someone out of forgetfulness and then having it stick.

(Briggs played with him for years and that clip was on the late end of their time together.)

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