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Kurzweil Video Competition


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The link above said you can use ANY Kurzweil product, implying you could use any Kurzweil produced ever.


However, I saw another description that said you could only use the CURRENT products. Which, I think, is stupid.


It was originally only open to owners of current Kurzweil products, but after many users (particularly of the PC3) expressed annoyance at this, they opened it up to include any Kurzweil keyboard.

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I believe it's a PC3K8 but with the user sample memory replaced with the Steinway samples from the Forte.






It's not a particularly revolutionary idea, but the PC3 pianos have long been a weak point so fair enough that they should try to address that. I'll only be really interested if it turns up as a standalone expansion for existing PC3/K users.

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Yawn. Kurzweil will have to keep extending it because the PC3A and Artis SE will take so long to be ready for release. I wish Kurzweil would follow the lead of virtually every other keyboard manufacturer and hold off announcing a new product until it's ready for release.

Kurzweil PC3x

Technics SX-P50

Korg X3

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"The prize winners will be selected and announced by Kurzweil HQ based on likes."

Fb likes?

So the winner will be the one with the largest network of "friends", right?

No, YouTube video likes.

Oh - ok, thanks for the correction.



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