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Program change over korg USB?

Adam Burgess

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I've been using standard MIDI cables (Korg Kronos out > Yamaha 01V desk in/thru > Nord Stage 2 in) for sometime to control the mixer using the Korg's control surface and to change patches on the Stage 2. All working fine.


We got a new Behringer X32 mixer, with no MIDI thru port, so, can I use a USB connection between the Korg and Nord - purely for program changes, as the MIDI out is in use? I had a quick play, but seemed to get nothing... Don't know if it's a setting on the Nord or something that needs changing on the Korg?


How about the soft thru function on the Stage? Maybe that's a way to go?


Thanks, Adam

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I don't think the Nord is class-compliant, so the Korg can't be a host for it.


Could you go Korg MIDI OUT -> Nord MIDI IN (on 5-pin) and Korg USB A (host) to Behringer USB B (device)? I don't know if Kronos can simultaneously send Program Change on 5-pin and CC on USB.


Regards, Mike.

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wasn't there a non computer device that converted USB MIDI back to 5 pin din a little while back on here?

Oh, this:


Found it here:

It's pricey though, around $150 US

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