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Fixing "ghost" MIDI messages


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I have three identical workstations with Oxygen 61 controllers. Over time, the 61s started sending out random MIDI messages. When you record in a sequencer (we use Cubase), you can see things like spikes in the graphic representation of the recording. Sometimes, these messages don't cause problems. But other times, they'll do something like change the release time on Channel 1, so students using a piano sound suddenly have a short, muted (like palm muting on guitar) sound coming out. Other times it's sent messages that will stop the sequence from running, un-record enable a track, and things like that. It almost never seems to add note messages though... I can go in the list editor and see the messages and delete them, but...


I've tried the MIDI filter in Cubase to prevent the messages from going through, but even if I check every single box (sysex, CC events, etc.) messages still get in.


I can sit there and look at MIDI indicator lights on both the interface and the synth it's being sent to - I'll get these random flashes every couple of seconds (not like the consistent regular flashing of the timing pulses you sometimes see). Blip, there's a message. Blip, there's another message. If you press record, you get a black spike every time the light flashes, telling me I got a MIDI message sent through, and recorded.


I have been able to replace 2 of the 61s with some 2nd gen Oxygen 61s but I don't have a third and one is still giving me problems. All of the first gen ones did it though.


Is there anything I can do to stop these errant messages from getting through, at least with that one original first gen 61 I have?




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Verify the messages in a MIDI monitor.

Then use a hardware MIDI Solutions Pedal.

They have many models but most of them can use the software programming tool to isolate messages.

They are just great pedals to have for adding Expression Controllers where one doesn't exist, etc.


I use a controller that always sends out MIDI CC's that were meant for internal presets of the controller, but still are mirrored out from the MIDI port, so isolating them in one my numerous MIDI Solutions Pedals fixed that.


Plus my QuNexus and BCF-2000 have lots of custom SysEx stuff I only want routed to certain modules in hardware or just used in software, so they are lifesavers for me.

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Verify the messages in a MIDI monitor.

Couldn't agree more. Here's a link to a recent thread where another poster had a very similar problem as the OP. Using a monitor helped identify the problem.


Then use a hardware MIDI Solutions Pedal.

While the MIDI Solutions products are great, there are several sofware alternatives that will do the job just as well. Cubase itself has built-in MIDI filters (if I'm not mistaken). There are also several free external plugins that one can use to filter MIDI cc. But the first and most important step, as mentioned above, is to use a monitor and identify exactly which messages are being sent.


Hope this helps


- Guru

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