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A giant is gone: Jack Bruce RIP


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What a sad day in music. I remember seeing Cream live at the old Electric factory in Philly. WOW!!! But of course he went on to do other amazing music after Cream. He will be greatly missed.







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Wow, sad news indeed. I played bass professionally for 20 years, Jack Bruce and John Paul Jones were among my first inspirations to take up the instrument. While I still love Cream, and go back to their records all the time, I really enjoyed a lot of the twists and turns Bruce took through his later career. He could have justifiably coasted as a rock legend, but instead, he did many projects that were really challenging. I loved the records he did with Michael Mantler for ECM.




And the album/tour he did with Spectrum Road a few years ago showed that he was still killing it.




What a life in music!

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I never care for Cream except for White Room. Guitar trios bore me to death. It all sounds the same. I first got into Jack Bruce through Zappa's Apostrohe album. I loved his playing. weird thing is Jack claimed he didn't play on it.

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Oh boy Markay. How can I say this delicately. Bruce was a bassist and also played keyboards.

Read one thing - think another, I plead diminished capacity as it was 3.30am here when I posted. Read the article and was thinking about Ginger Baker and the lifetime conflict between Jack and Ginger.


IRRC Jack was identified as gifted cellist by age 14. Supremely talented bass player and I always marvelled at the ease with which he switched between fretted and fretless bass.

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Sad news indeed.....a colossus of music!

His breadth of mastery speaks for itself!

Well played and well lived!!!!

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