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Jack Bruce passes away...


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Damn, I was hoping this was just another internet rumor. FWIW, he played guitar, too. Check out As You Said on Wheels Of Fire. R.I.P., sir, and thank you.



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I used to work at a recording studio in NYC, and Mr. Bruce recorded an album there. He seemed a nice guy, if obviously not at his peak. Could still play like a house afire, though.


At one point, I was tasked with taking 2 of his basses from the studio to his hotel. Just the fact he let me do so seemed to say a lot about his casual attitude and general warmth.


RIP indeed.


I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Sad news; I never met him, but somehow he seemed to be a nice, friendly and intelligent guy, not to mention someone who helped revolutionize music in general and Rock in particular...


We'll be dedicating tonight's short-notice gig to him, particularly thinking of him when we play "White Room" and "Sunshine Of Your Love"...

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This puts a real damper on my weekend. I was a huge Cream fan back in the day and Jack has to be considered the best Rock bass/vocalist ever. I remember hearing of some of his health issues lately, but this is still a shock. He was very active on Facebook lately, especially promoting "Silver Rails" which he released earlier this year. I'll be listening to some Cream music tonight in his honor. I wonder how Ginger Baker feels now?
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Sad day for all of us! I guess the liver transplant bought him a few more years. Cream was the first band to really get my attention and interest in becoming a musician. Sure, the Beatles were there first, but the outrageous virtuosity of everyone in Cream shook this pre-teen to the core.
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And let's not forget, or overlook his outstanding HARMONICA playing on "Traintime". Bassist par excellence, outSTANDING vocalist! RIP indeed!


Have an old LP I found in a THRIFT SHOP of all places, that he recorded with JOHN McLAUGHLIN---PRE Mahavishnu days. Pretty dazzling stuff. Bruce REDEFINED rock bass playing. Even MORE than did McCartney. Without him, I feel there'd have been no CHRIS SQUIRE, or any OTHER out of the envelope bass player.


I read somewhere years back that JACO PASTORIOUS Claimed Bruce was a major influence. True or not, it's not hard to believe!





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Jack Bruce, one of the outstanding few. I was a big time Cream/Jack Bruce fan back in the day. And I still listen to Wheels Of Fire regularly. He was one of my all time favorites with what he did with Cream.


We all gotta die, that goes without saying, but at 71 years old and a rock star from the hippy days, and all that went with that, 71 was a good run.......


RIP Jack you was one of the best.

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