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Farewell to Clatter


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I'm really bummed out to report that our own ClatterAmy is retiring.


For those of you who came on board more recently, Clatter is a two-piece band. Amy and Joe are a very talented and generous couple. They have presented workshops in schools and are just really neat people. We old-timers here have known Amy for a very long time, and although her active participation waned, I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that I will miss her (and Joe) being in the community. You can hear their music and read their story at clatter.com.


From an Clatter email"


Our final show in Japan was on our 25th wedding anniversary at a club called Hearts, appropriately enough! This was also our final show as Clatter. Joe will continue to play drums in other projects, but Amy is retiring from music altogether. Thank you so much for all of your support over these many years!


Good luck in your future endeavors, Amy & Joe!

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Clatter (Amy) actually made me want to play better. Their great playing, infectious positivity, writing, and just plain uniqueness made them great.




Good Riddance! :mad:

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