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Latin bass?


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A quick question for you lot: do any of you happen to know anything about this artist or book (or both)?




I decided that, having run through my "Lost Art Of Country Bass" book on upright, it'd be a hoot to get a book on latin bass so I can practice my upright skills some more.


Two disclaimers:


1) I realize there's no tab in the book, which is alright - I am teaching myself how to sight-read by means of a book by Bruce Arnold which was given to me when I bought a 6-string bass (which I subsequently sold);


2) I'm not dead serious about playing latin bass in any type of ensemble or band.


I just want something to focus on when playing upright. I don't do it a lot - this is kind of my "hobby instrument" whereas I take the electric bass a bit more seriously, but I figure anything I take away from this will inevitably bleed into my electric playing anyway. So, any thoughts?

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He's the real deal.


Career Highlights

Alumnus, Conservatorio Nacional del Peru

Bassist with Paquito D'Rivera since 1992

Winner of 4 Grammys

Artistic Director, CLAEM and ALAEMUS, the Congress and the Association of Latin American Music Schools

Recordings with the Caribbean Jazz Project, NDR and WDR Big Bands, United Nations Orchestra, New York Voice, and the Paquito D'Rivera Quintet

Performances with Rosa Passos, Eva Ayllón, Leny Andrade, and Zambo Cavero

Endorser of Warwick Basses, Aguilar Bass Amp, and DR Strings

Numerous festival appearances and club performances

Advisor for Latin studies minor at Berklee

Coordinator for the Latin Music and Culture Celebration at Berklee

Director of Berklee's Asociation of Latin Faculty

Author of The Latin Bass Book (Sher Music)



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