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Basic Patch List for Roland RD700sx

Jay Stephen

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I know this is going to sound lame, so apologies in advance. Our band's keyboard player is quite good and also carries most of the vocals. However, he is HOPELESS with technology. He uses a RD700sx but can't program it. We try to help him but he loses settings, etc. and clearly the manual is way too complex for him. Does anyone have a basic list of patches that are simple to understand and set up on the RD700. I've read that there are 40 spaces for "presets" and he could probably only need (cope with) maybe 10. Something basic so that even the simple guitar player (me) can lean over and set him up during a performance. Just some common acoustic PNO,"Rhodes", B3, strings, brass, etc.


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Here's a link for the manual to download, though it sounds like he may already have it:




But as with a lot of overseas products, the English translation of user manuals often leaves a lot to be desired.


There's got to be someone or something online to help, like "RD-700SX for Dummies," somewhere online.


There's often a Quick-Start doc that's only a page or two that cuts to the quick, but can't remember if it was included with the SX.

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Hi everybody ...I haven't posted in ages, so this might be a good place to start.


Roland gets so many questions on this because the manual is unfathomable (IMHO) that someone from support made a (homemade it seems) video: It is for the 700gx but I have used it on the sx also.



A Boogie-Woogie Video:


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