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OT: One of the greatest collections of musical puns ever


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From my Facebook feed, original status and the responses it got:


Bach's children came from a baroquen home.

-Their father was always flying off the Handel.

-He found their complaints to B minor.

-It caused them much Strauss later in life

-Their attempts to fight him off were fugal.

-There was his wife though that he always listened to. He would always take into a counterpoint!

-He didn't know which instrument would make his father appreciate him so he figured bass.

-Some of them even went into Haydn

-But they always came bach

-He always had a never ending chore liszt!

-He Claude be quite Debuss-ive

-He was also enlisted in gymnastics as a child and mastered the bachflip at an impressively young age.

-Until he baroque his spine that is!

- Sometimes when he and his wife got in an argument, he would even try to Mahler.

- He even locked her in a room and then removed the door Handel so she couldn't escape.

-He was a-schumann that she wasn't going to break free!

-Quit Messiaen around guys!

- All of these guys would be Chopin our heads off right now if they were alive.

-I forgot my Listz of puns at home

- Players be Hayden on my puns


-I use to think classical puns were cheesy... But now I think they're all Reich.

-That wasn't the Mozart-iculate way to present a pun, A*****.

-The last piece Bach wrote was probably his crappiest. It was called "Die Aria"

-Are you Schubert that?

-We are Hindemith-st of a pun battle of epic proportions.

-I'll just muhly-ander on past this thread... that last pun is really kickin' glass

-Canon of us come up with any more puns??

-This thread is just classic(al)

-we've all played our pärt

-Let's give it a rest, guys.

-B**** are you coming in here looking for treble?

-B****, what is the bassist for your disapproval?

-You didn't even give a greeting. Not even a "Cello."

-some here are very tempormental.

-This thread is nothing but excitement and trills.

-I hope we're not Al Fine

-Sorry C****, I can't understand what you're saying with that accent.

-I heard they're opening a new mexican restaurant called pachelbell.

-I'm getting to like the sharp topics here today.

-Want to know where Bach got such a cool hairdo? He time traveled to a barber he knew that went by the name of Samuel!!!

-This thread is getting a bit Messiaen I don't want to be the one to clean it up.

-That explains why his hair was not at all flat.

-I get the impression that a minimal amount of you are taking this serialsly.

-None of us really give Adams.

-I've been trying to work on using more harmonic colour in my pieces, so now I've been printing all my music with my new printer that uses a twelve tone cartridge

-Tchaikovsk-eep doing this.


-Nike is launching a division in their company that sells musical instruments all buy one get one free. Their slogan is "Just duet".

-C****, you gotta help me come up with puns! You've been gong for too long!

-I've been practicing self-refrain-t

-Zimmer down, A*****.

-You know what, we shouldn't be so hard on bach. I mean, you can't really blame hymn!

-You are all doing a great job of keeping this conversation sustained.

-It was a team ef-forte

-These are very clef-er puns!

-Okay, A*****. I think you need to get off your high hat.

-Your just jealous cause your puns will never measure up!


-Sorry, I'm a bit of a ritard when it comes to grammar

-It's okay. We all have accidentals every now and then.

-One time, while on a trip to the Hudson Bay with my friend Ven, I stuck my foot in the water and exclaimed, "Bay toe, Ven!"

-I cantabile-ieve how clever some of these are!

-Part 1: C****, you can't come up with good puns!

-Part 2: I SOCAN!

-Geez, just Lucena yourselves...

-Guys, the amount of jokes on here is punbelievable!

-Thanks for this thread, guys! Verdi funny and completely Satie-sfying

-My mother would be Wagn-er finger at you all right about now.

-Alright everyone hold on to your Brahms and Panties and calm down. Hahaha, jks. Just needed to do one. This is hilarious

-T***** Im glad you decided to gavotte a try

-Come on C**** I know you have at least tenor more puns up your sleeve.


I thought some of you would appreciate the humour here. By the way, those are names I've censored. My friends aren't constantly swearing at each other. I'll keep you posted on further developments! :laugh::snax:

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I'll keep you posted on further developments! :laugh::snax:


Thanks. I've made a note to check back.


I didn't have time to write a whole note, so I made a quarter note.



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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