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Powered FR PA speakers - EV ZLX 12P vs ZLX 15P


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I'm considering a purchase of a pair of EV ZLX powered PA speakers but am unsure wether to go for the 12" or stump up for the 15" model.


I'm using a KeyB & a Nord in a 7 piece band, we play small to medium venues (50-200 people). Occasionally we play in a Marquee, but mostly wedding halls & pubs.


I'd appreciate any opinions!


Thank you in advance,



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Have you listened to them? The 15 might be overkill for your usage. I auditioned the 12's, and didn't like the sound of AP's through them. I far preferred the ELX model to the ZLX, even though the ELX was a fair bit more expensive.


Anyway, long story short, I finally bought a pair of Yamaha DXR 10's. I know they are quite a bit smaller, but there is plenty of volume from them, and I couldn't be happier. You need to run them through a mixer for the best results.






EDIT: BTW, the Yammies come with a 7 year warranty!

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Do you cover left hand bass or use low, rumbling synth notes? If not, go for the 12. I used to push 15 inch speakers but the 12's seem to have a smoother crossover point in a 2 way cabinet.(JMHO) Also note that the EV's are bright and cut through the mix. Nords are also bright and cut through the mix. When using the two together you need to adjust the EQ.


I have a pair of the ZLX12P's. Without adjustment my Nord keyboards sound better through my older 15" Eons, but, it is not that hard to tweak the EQ.

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