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New possible kbd monitor from Yorkville Sound - NX10C

Floyd Tatum

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I just stumbled onto an ad for a new Yorkville Sound powered monitor, the NX10C CLICK HERE


It uses a coaxial 10"/1" speaker pair. If you're not familiar with coaxial speaker configuration, it means the 1" tweeter is mounted in the center of the 10" woofer. This apparently helps with stereo imaging, and improves off-axis response.


It's intended as a small, genereal purpose p.a. speaker (can double as a main spkr, or monitor). Has some neato design features like 'through hole' pole mounting means you can put more than one on a speaker pole, etc.


Construction is part plastic, part aluminum, part 13-ply plywood. I think the front plate, which the woofer is screwed into, is plywood.


It's quite compact (13" x 13" x 12"), quite lightweight (25 lbs), and costs about $500 CDN. Bi-amped 300 watts continuous. Little mixer on the back. Yorkville Sound is a Canadian company, makes good pa speakers.


It's new on the market, since August, so not many reviews yet. But it looks interesting. I hope to try out one or two of them soon. Could be a good kbd monitor.




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Yes, it does look interesting. Nice and compact, and Yorkville has a good rep. It was also discussed some in the thread at https://forums.musicplayer.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/2627072

But as for the off-axis response you mentioned, one concern is that, according to the specs, it has a pretty tight dispersion of 60 x 60 degrees. I guess coax design may help create a more even off-axis response, but not necessarily a wide one.


On paper, at least, I prefer the EV ZXa1, whose sound I am happy with. The weakest point of the EV is that it doesn't go as loud as some of the competitors (though sounding better, IMO)... EV specs max SPL at 126, but it looks like the Yorkville won't help there, they spec max SPL at 125. And despite the larger bass driver, the Yorkville appears to have less low end, down 3 dB at 80 Hz (vs. 60 Hz on the EV), presumably a trade-off of the smaller cabinet. The EV is available in two versions, one with a rotatable 90 x 50 dispersion, and the other with a 100 x 100 dispersion, which is the one I use (though I'm not sure they still make that one). One advantage of the Yorkville, though, is if packing space in the car is tight. As small as the EV is, the largest dimension of the Yorkville is only 13" (vs. 18" on the EV though the other dimensions on the EV are slightly smaller).


Another point about the Yorkville is that they talk about how well the unit works in an array. So a pair of them would still be compact and easily portable, while getting you another 3 dB of output and up to 120 degrees of horizontal dispersion. Starts to get a little pricey though...

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I do like the packaging and form factor. And Yorkville makes some great stuff.


The narrow 60 degree dispersion threw me off, though. That means it's got a very tight beam, which might be OK as a personal monitor, but not so good for stage fill, and even less good if it's supposed to be facing the audience.


Unless you use two, that is :)

Life is too short to be playing bad music.


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