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Kurzweil SP4 Librarian?


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I know Soundtower makes a librarian/editor for the SP4. Besides that, I found one mentioned at


which links only to the defunct sonikmatter, does anyone know anything about that, or have a link to current availability? (I also found references to Curator which is part of Tool Box at cunka.com but it seems that doesn't support the SP4.)

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I wrote TOOL BOX for Kurzweil Instruments which houses the CURATOR librarian (Programs). When it was been worked on, SP4 support was done (skeleton of it is disabled) along with the PC3LE. It had all sorts of warnings for stuff (like effects chains) that would not work on those instruments. Problem was, we didn't have any members who used the SP4 and were prepared to test it. Thus its all frozen as is.


But.... the answer I think you seek is here:

SP4 Manager


Hope it helps.


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