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Shipping Keyboards Internationally

J Graul

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Looking for some tips on shipping keyboards internationally. I've been trying to sell my Korg Trinity and recently sold it on eBay. The buyer lives in Israel and the shipping cost seems to be as much as the item itself (~$800 for the item and same for shipping). Is that what I should just expect? He says he bought a keyboard from California and the shipping cost was less than $100.
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Difficult to get realistic shipping costs when you are a one off retail customer. There is a site called MYUS which offers a US address and low cost UPS or Fedex shipping rates from their warehouse to the International customers address.


It may be cheaper for the buyer to get a MYUS address and a quote for the shipping cost from them to Jordan. You would then ship to his MYUS address, IIRC it is in Florida.


I have have a premium account with MYUS which was free for life at the time for Amex cardholders. Shipping costs to Australia were similar to those charged by MF and Amazon.


For the information of other forum members outside the US MYUS also have a concierge service where they charge the purchase to their US credit card which gets around the issue where US retailers are not allowed by a manufacturer to sell a product to customers outside the US. This is generally done to protect local distributors who may add between 100% and 200% to the US retail price.


On one recent order after the MYUS concierge and shipping charge the all up cost was still 50% of the local cost.

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Once you start to get into weird dimensions, the shipping cost can go through the roof with some shippers. Who did you try?


Re than $100 package, I'm guessing it probably came from a place that does $10,000 or better in shipping per month...that can substantially lower your cost.


FWIW I just guestimated a 61-key controller from 90120 to Telaviv with FedEx ground...came to $620. Ay aie aie. Intercargo.com (never used them) came to half that.


Years ago I used to ship stuff Air Cargo and saved a lot of money. But I had to get it to the airport myself, and the buyer had to pick it up at the airport.





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