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Please help me identify this melodic fragment ...


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Could you help me identify this melodic fragment ...


(all notes equal in length, about 220 notes per minute.)




...it's an ascending line until the a, then ascends again to the d and then comes down.


It feels like a Boston Pops / Leroy Anderson / orchestral / novelty thing. It's stuck in my head and it won't leave. Help!! :wacko:

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Here's the great Johnny Costa's solo piano version of Holiday For Strings. It's on my "I-want-to-learn-this-arrangement list". Maybe one day I'll be able to play this. :idk :D



I hope to learn something new, like hearing Mr Costa, everyday. I looked him up on Wiki, and it claimed Art Tatum dubbed him, "the White Tatum".

Thanks for this.

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