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I jammed with this drummer once


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I jammed with this drummer once, a Nicky Newark greaser lookin hairdresser named Jimmy, he sat in with my old band one night at a club in Surf City NJ, and my gawd did he play so sweet. So we asked him to come and rehearse with a new band we were envisioning which we called The New Children Of Jazz. When he showed up with his kit a little thing with a kick, a snare, two toms, crash, and ride, and a high hat. And began to play. I was astounded at how much he did with that little kit. That cat did not only keep the beat but his music was tone full, melodic, tasteful, and completely in with what we were doing. It was an improvisational band with him, myself, and a bass player. He could play at every sound level.


We practiced it one night and took it back to that same club the next weekend and played 3 sets of make it up as we go. Of course the crowd was not into it, all they wanted to hear was freebird, etc.


But it sure was a players dream.

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Well.....since "Freebird" always...to ME at least...sounded as if they "made it up as they went", then there's nothing WRONG with it!



Nothing wrong with it at all, just not what we did. But I always liked Skynerd, I bought their albums up until the plane crash.....

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