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Whatever happened to Voce?


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I have a Voce V5+ and the Hammond XM2 (XK1 in a rack unit). I actually find the Voce's C/V to be more pleasing than the XM2. The XM2's V/C washes out the tone. The Voce's tone is still very good for a nearly 20 year old product.

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I use a DB3 keyboard and the basic tone sounds great - however, the drive, c/v and Leslie are not good, so you need an external Leslie. I have used a Korg G4 and (separately) a Rotosphere and they solve all the problems with the Leslie and drive (I never use c/v). I bet it would sound superb with a Ventilator or Burn. The DB3 module presumably sounds identical, and is very portable and cheap.
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wow I still have a DMI 64 sitting in the closet, the voce midi drawbars I purchased with it have been re-purposed to control my Kurzweil Artis KB modes


I remember you could load your own samples into the DMI, and the db sounds were good for the time

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I looking at my old DMI-64 right now. For a couple of years in the 1990s it was part of the rack that I ran from a single Roland A50. Running the Voce through a Leslie 147 (or Vent) helps, but this older unit had terrible limitations for people who like to tweak the midi drawbars. I never got rid of it, as I figured that I probably wouldn't get more than about 38 bucks for the thing.


Ham&Egz, did you ever actually load your own samples into it? I forgot that it had any such capability.



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Regarding the Micro BII...


I had one years ago, ran it through a Pro3tm, then a Boss RT-20.


I liked the basic tonewheel sound and percussion.


Thought the C/V was way too warbly, and it has noticeable harmonic beating.

I praise the microb11 only in the sense that it paired with a vent and any cheap midi capable board is a small light cheap back up or blues jam organ rig. If a bar fight comes near the stage grab the ventilator and bail.
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Sweetwater sells them. Also they are owned by DR Music.


You sure about that? I was thinking Voce products had gone off the market a few years ago. What products do they sell?


As for my Voce experiences, I've had multiple products and really appreciated them. I even had a direct line to Dave Amels for awhile and he sent me some spare parts a few times when I asked for them. I've owned the DMI64 way back when it first came out, then I have had the V3 and more than one set of MIDI Drawbars, at least 3 V5s....great gear. I still have a set of MIDI Drawbars that I was using with my Nords before I got the Ocean Beach Drawbars.


I wish Voce had been able to keep innovating.

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Loved my V5, still own it. I paired it with the Voce Spin II stomp box, and used it for countless wedding gigs, along with my Kurzweil PC-88mx and Korg Trinity - Pro. I really got a lot of mileage out of that that rig.


The V5 has a thick, ballsy tone, and I had a "hot rod" mod done to it to boost the percussion volume; I never bothered with the C/V. I could also get it to sound really schmaltzy when I wanted to for some of the old standards...reminded me of a Cordovox.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

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Sold my MIDI drawbars a few years back -- I actually got either 150 or 200 for them, actually.


But I had a hassle selling my MicroB2 over ebay back like 15 years ago. The cat was all like "wtf the percussion is all fucked up gimme my money back." I was just a rock and roll cover band then, and honestly it might have been broken, but I never noticed and sent him the deets about the percussion mod and stuff.


Wotta dick.


I liked that box, it was simple, it did a bunch of great registrations, it was light weight, it was just great for a one-keyboard rig for rock and blues.

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