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USB to MIDI Converter


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Hi. I'm wondering if anyone here is using such an item; please hear me out. I'm not talking about a computer interface with a USB into the computer and standard 5-pin DIN MIDI ports on the other side. What I'm looking for is an interface that would connect to a USB-only controller (likethe Korg nanokontrol), and convert that into a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI connection. I'm considering picking up a nanokontrol to use "in parallel" with a controller keyboard, but the nano's USB only out doesn't fit the plan. No, I don't want to insert a computer in the loop.


Any thoughts?


Thank you.


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I'm looking for a USB to MIDI/MIDI to USB "Swiss Army Knife", so this thread caught my attention. As the original iConnectMIDI is no longer produced, the closest replacement - with the USB A port that you need - is the iConnectMIDI4+. Though I'll likely hold out for the upcoming iConnectAudio4+, as my current USB audio/MIDI interface is buggier than an August evening in Indiana. Makes for some interesting moments in the home workspace.


The Kenton MIDI USB Host does exactly what you need, and looks to be available via a couple of independent dealers on eBay - in the $140 range. The iConnectMIDI4+ - with some additional features you might find useful - looks to be around $200.

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