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Blast from the past. 2 string bassist Stig. :)


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Seriously creative, and it's no slam on D.A.D, but it's not as though he needs more than two strings to rock out on.


Watching a few D.A.D videos, I notice that even with the unusual instruments, the cameramen still ignore him. What is it with video shooters, most tof the time even if the bass is the main riff of the song, the camera is on the gu!tard standing off to teh side tuning or playing with his pedal board.


"Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.'-Hamlet


Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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It's often (in professional productions) not the cameramen but the editor. Even in Mudvayne concert videos, where the guitarist doesn't move at all and Ryan Martinie is stalking the stage like a demon, they only feature the drummer and singer most of the time.


I've actually thought about this alot, and I think that in cases where the bassist IS actually dynamic, it's due to the fact that the editor has trouble syncing him/her up to the music. Sometimes, like in the case of poor Daryl Jones, it's sideman syndrome, although in the latest Stones live thing, he got featured a bit more.

"For instance" is not proof.


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