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One bass for the rest of your life!


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My Hohner PJ fretless, I am finally getting my technique down. It was a gift from my wife when we first married.

"Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.'-Hamlet


Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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I'm very comfortable with my Rickenbacker 4003 Mapleglo for most things. If I only played classic rock for the rest of my life this bass would be fine.


Some songs I can get away with drop-D or drop-Eb but to be able to comfortably play everything out there -- especially new country -- you really need a 5-string.


On the other end my Ric lets me down by only having 20 frets. I'm constantly bending that high Eb up to an E and that trick doesn't work for everything I play up there.


Now, I also have an 8-string Galveston but I mostly use it like a 5-string. The higher notes are nice for covering a missing keyboard/violin/etc. part but are otherwise not used in an ensemble. Due to its weight and wide neck it is not as comfortable for a long gig as a 4-string.


I'd probably go with a 5-string, 24-fret Fender Jazz. Active would be nice but I've been playing passive basses all my life so that wouldn't matter as much. Or a similar MM Bongo HS.

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There's nothing outside of what I own that I wish for.

Of the basses I own, and I had to pick one?

Love my '78 'Ray, but my Roscoe 3005LG covers more ground (flawlessly), sounds great in any environment/genre and looks fantastic.

Keith Roscoe really does it right.


Confirmed RoscoeHead

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Man that's a tough one, preferences change over the years. But for the purpose of the thread I'd say that I'm liking my early (2008) American Std Fender P5 as the most practical instrument I've ever played. So yeah, the AmStd Fender P5.


And don't start a similar thread regarding strings because I won't participate.

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My logical side chooses my 2000 fretted maple boarded Hoyt five string w/Lane Poors/Bart pre, as it is the most versatile bass I own, and No. 1 most gigged bass by far. However, it's 51/49 with the Hoyt pau ferro fretless fiver, similarly equipped, because I never feel more free and creative than I do with that bass.

1000 Upright Bass Links, Luthier Directory, Teacher Directory - http://www.gollihurmusic.com/links.cfm


[highlight] - Life is too short for bad tone - [/highlight]

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My 'gig machine' is the easy choice. I built it in about 92 and have played hundreds of gigs with it. I also have a Nordy Jazz pickup equipped bass which gets the 'artsy ' gigs, but for pure band-driving punching power, the gig machine takes the cake.


Maple walnut sandwich, 5 piece maple/purpleheart neck w/ pau-ferro fingerboard. A single bart MMK, wired passive. Originally it was in the stringray position but I moved it to the P bass position. D'addario chromes. my somewhat ugly baby!


(hi Bob)

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hoytbasses - I'd love to see some pictures of that bass if you have some?



As earlier threatened, here are some pictures of the gig machine, this is pre-pickup move: but I just milled out a slot for the new pickup and filled the former position with some matching curly maple. you have to be right up on it to see it but the tonal change from the stingray position to the P position made all the difference in this beast. Somewhere in the archives I have a picture of the inimitable Bob Gollihur sitting in with Night Train playing the gig machine.


oh.... it always had a coil split onboard which I never, not once used... so in the upgrade I got rid of it.



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The Ubiquitous Roberto De Gollihur, playing the gig machine in the sketchiest bar on Cape Cod with the boys from Night Train. Your luthier du jour is on flugelhorn in this picture.


We wee going to hire him to join the band full time but he couldn't meet the weight requirement.




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That's a sketchy bar? I have played in hell then..... :freak:


looks ok to me....


haha... this picture was taken a few months after the big cocaine raid... they were trying to clean up their act. This was one of those joints with flip down mirrors in the mens' room, bikers riding their machines through the bar etc.....I don't miss playing there!


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