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Price drops


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In case any of you happen to be in the market:


Guitar Center has the Fender Mustang V 150w head on sale for 239.00.


Got an email from zzounds about the EVH Wolfgang Special. Price drop of 500 bucks (899.99, "blemished" models even cheaper). CAVEAT HERE: the newer ones are made in China. I own one, but mine was made in Japan. Dunno 'bout the new ones (and honestly I'd be a bit hesitant with them), but my MIJ came to me every bit as good (fit, finish, set-up, everything) as any USA guitar I have or have owned.* But, I have read good things about the Chinese versions. I have not actually played one.


zzounds has an excellent return policy (yes, I have used it). They also have a 12 month payment plan available for this guitar (only for "new"...not available for "blemished", etc.). One time fee of 15 bucks or so (depends on the purchase amount), and that's it. No interest...pretty good deal. I have used their payment plans many times.


Fender Mustang V


Wolfgang Special


Just to clarify, I have no affiliation with either of these stores. Just wanted to pass this along.


* I bought the guitar in spring, and in the winter the fret ends needed a (very) little attention. A common issue with new guitars in the climate I live in, so I don't consider it a negative.

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I recall reading the US models are made in Corona, Ca. You're probably correct on the amps.


Regarding the imports, I believe the Japanese factory closed up shop, hence the move to China.


I also read that Fender intends to have the imports made in Mexico, but the facility isn't ready yet...whatever that means.

My ears are haunted.
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Ok, I gotta quit farting around in the online stores - I'm gonna end up buying something that I don't really need.


So this is my last post in this thread (promise ;) ), but i have to throw this gadget into the fray:


Line 6 G30 Wireless


I was looking into these a while back, but every time I weighed the need/want/totally unnecessary factors, I passed it up. Total luxury item given that I don't play out or even attend jam sessions anymore.


However, it's $100 off the normal price, and that makes it half the price of the next step up in the line.


And zzounds has a great return policy.


And, John McLaughlin states in the latest GP that the G30 is part of his rig. Interesting, considering that it's the entry-level model. Granted, the sound is supposed to be the same quality across the line, but surely McLaughlin could have the top-tier model, and likely would, if it sounded better...


Okay, logging off, going offline now.

My ears are haunted.
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