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Multiple EQ Settings


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I was just wondering how others handle something like this. I have a digital piano with controls for bass and treble. Sometimes this goes into a Mackie mixer with graphic eq and 3 band eq on each channel. Then this signal goes into powered speakers which each have 3 band eq. How do you handle eq settings between components in the chain. Thanks!
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In my boards generally EQ setting are handled within the patch parameters. I try to run everything outside the Keyboard flat and EQ with the instrument. If i have speaker that is not tuned well I will compensate for the speaker deficiency with off board EQ.


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Theoretically, the EQ in the keyboard should be used to balance out patches when monitored by the most transparent monitors. From there, it the speaker should be EQ'd to compensate for its own deficiencies. Likewise, FOH should EQ for the deficiencies of that system.



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