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The role of synthesis in (good) dance music

Theo Verelst

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Everybody knows I'm not into tribal dances, so I mean Funk, Disco, 80s funk, interesting Rock(/Roll) where it applies, Synth Pop (dancable), etc.


Why the interest, well the word was: dance-able music == synth bass, and in the 80s and 90s, well sounding productions involved synthesizers. I know the generalities, so those I do not mean, I mean a lot isn't known, reversed, and thought wrong around here.


Some examples:


Gap Band "Burn Rubber on Me" (Wikipedia doesn't mention a synthesizer player for this band)



Frankie Smith "Double Dutch Bus" (try comping rhythmically like on this record, does it get the groove going ?)



Sos Band "Take Your Time"

(Wikipedia has no info on instruments/production, except Notable instruments: Roland TR-808 ...)



Abba "Gimme Gimme" (boatload of electronic production, where are the synths ?)


Excuse me for searching for the originals, that can make sounds I actually enjoy. Sampling some sh*t and kicking it in a software sampler grid and creating headaches that way I can do myself, thank you very much, no need for that.




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Theo, I listened to all of these videos, but I'm not sure what you are asking of people on this forum.


Do you want to know the synths used for the bass lines?


Do you want to know all the synths used in these clips?


Is it the role the synths play in creating the groove of each clip that you want comments on?

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