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need a new stand


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I've been mulling over this for the last few months, pouring over the stand threads around here, but I'm not really finding anything that suits all of my needs. I'm hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction.


I'm playing a variety of gigs with different set ups these days. Mostly I prefer to sit but I do stand in a couple of the bands I play with, so the first tier height range needs to be at least 26-36". I'm liking the On Stage 7350 here. This also seems to rule out the Quik Lok stuff, plus, I can't deal with the fixed width. On a good night, I'll have a Rhodes, Nord E3, and a Korg R3, but usually I just have the Nord and the Korg. Here's where it gets tricky for me. I'd like the second tier to be width adjustable so I can maximize the space below and still accommodate a smaller board on top. Also, I am looking for a 2nd tier height that would give me at least 13" (or better). This would allow me to put the Nord on top of the Rhodes, and use the 2nd tier for my synth.


I'd like to keep it around $150, but I am coming to the realization that I will probably have to go a little higher.



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