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My old DAW is Kaput (Temporarily I hope)


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I was turning on my 2003 home build DAW With Antec Sonata Case Asus MoBo P4 3.2 Gig Northwood chip CPU.


I was in Vegas so I turned off my power to the Battery Backups and turned the backups off as well and unplugged them from the wall. I needed to burn some CD's of my newer works so I turned the power on and it started booting without the sound card or Monitor turned on so I pushed the power button to shut it off and it kinda clicked and did a double click and the on light started blinking. I immediately unplugged it because it would not shut off. Now the light comes on but the computer will not boot or even attempt to boot. Any ideas?

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Sounds like a good excuse to build a new one ;)


You could probably put one together for reasonably cheap that'll blow the socks off the old one. I build all my machines, and I use Win 7. I've heard good things about 8, but 7 works great for me.


You may be running into issues from shutting down in the middle of the boot process...possibly.


When's the last time you replaced the mobo battery?

My ears are haunted.
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The MoBo battery is several years old. I have another Intel Core II Duo abut 5 years younger than the DAW that I use for office work. It can be converted if necessary with a new OS/Apps load on and some minor tweaks for a DAW. I can salvage all my date from the on board drives and put them into the newer model and take the drives out of the Office box and put them into a new work box. I hope it is only the power supply however.


I have all my data backed up to DVD's so I won't lose very much if anything. Other than two days work loading on software and drivers. All of which I have on CD's or DVD's

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re-seat all the wire connections to the hard drive(s) and reseat the memory. you may have hosed yourself if it ate the MBR or something, but you may be able to recover from it.


have ya ever used linux?


puppy linux is memory resident, and may allow ya to access the hard drive and move your data if you have to to another drive if windows or whatever says the drive is hosed.


i used it to recover ALL my original music (unbacked up)when i had a t-byte storage drive fail.


managed to recover almost everythng.

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