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Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter Pedal

Groove Mama

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I have used one in the past, at the extreme end of things, it will quack like a duck.


Otherwise, I recommend messing with it at various settings, because the sweep range and frequencies affected, and filter direction is going to give you widely varied sounds, ones that you can choose in either tasteful little colorings, or full on quack attack. It can be really good for slow parts with quarter notes and such to fill up the space. The fact that is designed for bass freqs, it will keep that bottom end in.



IIRC, Tony Levin uses envelope filters on a lot of his work with Peter Gabriel. Slides into notes sound really cool with the right setting.


If it's touch sensitive, (attack) you can play soft with no effect, and hard for the effect to kick in.


I watched the demo, you got a great pedal:


Soundblox Envelope Filter

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Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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Here's how I used my MXR Bass Envelope Filter on a song, though at a more extreme setting.




Lots of fun to just play around with. I've even used it live, set very low, to thicken up the sound.


(Ps. Not trying to promo my own music here, just give an example. I'm not 100% happy with how this song turned out anyway... :eek: )

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G. Mama- I have an old (now vintage) envelope filter, and, out of all of my pedals, it is pretty much the most fun one can have while wearing pants. No quack, some quack, or duck laden duck festival with duck quacks inside, it's always a blast.


Sadly, it does not often have a place in the song writing process, but it is always fun.


Enjoy yourself.


I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Congrats on the new pedal Mama. Yeah those envelope filters can be a blast. Especially if you pair them with an octave pedal. My old Zoom pedal has an envelope filter built in and I have an old Boss T-wah. When I use one of them with my MXR bass octave pedal I can get some pretty cool simulated bass synth sounds.


Have a ball but be careful, those pedals can be addictive! ;)

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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Sweet Willie says to enjoy it, Russkull says its lots of fun to play around with. I mean c'mon already. Can you seriously say that about a doorstop?

Haha. Point well taken.

Queen of the Quarter Note

"Think like a drummer, not like a singer, and play much less." -- Michele C.

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