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New guy...

Butch A

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Hello there, I just joined this forum and hope to learn a lot about playing keyboards.


I recently picked up a used (but in MINT condition) Yamaha DGX-505 portable grand, 88-key, keyboard from a good friend of mine. He is a retired musician and the keyboard belonged to his semi-pro trio. Soon after they all retired and called it quits, the keyboard just sat under a cover, downstairs in his den at his house. He decided to sell it to me for such an incredible price, I jumped at the offer!


A little about me... I am one of those crazy "multi-instrumentalist" type of people. I started out playing trumpet in 4th grade in school in the late 60's, then picked up this instrument, that instrument, this instrument, etc... and after all these years, I still pretty much play a little of everything.


Out of all the variety of instruments I have here at my house, my two main instruments (i.e. decades of playing experience and serious technical skill) are: Trumpet and electric guitar.


I learned to "translate" guitar chords to keyboard chords, which is probably wrong. I need to learn to make my left hand cooperate and play a bass line, instead of just tapping out the root note of a chord.


Here is a photo of my Yamaha DGX-505. Has anyone played one of these before? What advice do you have?

(If you're wondering, the black case on the floor under the keyboard stand is for my Fender Stratocaster. To the far left are cases for my clarinet, violin, and assorted other instruments (not shown) ).




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Welcome. Posting in the "introductions" thread is certainly not required -... it just keeps a lot of them in the same thread.


I played some similar models at the local music store, but can't give much advice. I went with Kurzweil.


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Sorry... I didn't know there was an "Introduction" thread on here. :confused:


No harm no foul - welcome to the forum! I WOULD take some time to read the sticky threads - if nothing else, you'll know what to expect from this crazy bunch of keyboard enthusiasts!



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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