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OT: a tip on graphics for the Surface Pro...


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I was having issues seeing the incredibly small text and imagery for VSTi gui's on the Surface Pro, so after a bit of digging around I found this: http://lifeisabug.com/installing-latest-intel-hd-graphics-driver-microsoft-surface-pro-surface-pro-2/


Installing the driver manually (as opposed to just allowing W8 Update do it), means you get the Intel Control Panel applet, which allows you to adjust the overall res lower so the gui's are bigger to enable easier editing etc.


Now I know one can change the res using JUST the Display properties within W8, however when this method is used, one is left with rather large black bars either side, which at lower resolutions, can take nearly half the screen area in total.


Using the Intel applet allows you to "stretch" so that at the lower res you still are able to use the full screen.


Just thought I would pass it along.

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