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A new app for people looking to jam and sing!

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Hello everyone,


I am looking to develop a new app for people who normally play their instrument on their own but would really like to play with others. So an example would be someone who has a day job, he gets home at 20:00 and wants to play the guitar for about 30 minutes. The trouble is he cant play with someone else at such short notice and for such a short period of time...


I am thinking of a platform where people would be able to record themselves playing their instrument on their mobile and allow others to add tracks. Its not the same as face to face jamming or online jamming done in real time but it gives some sort of an interactive jamming...


The aim is not to create a song with copyright issues and using heavy audio software but just to simply jam!


Anyone knows if such a product is out there already?


I am also looking to chat through the idea to get some feedback if you think such a concept can catch or not.




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Hi there-I`m not usually on this forum but, I have a project myself that has been stalled by not finding the right person. Anyway I`m working on a newer project as well, which started as a voice sample. I recorded it on my mobile, and then recorded some keyboard tracks as a background. All well and good, I`ve been able to export tracks from the phone without too much trouble. The main problem is sound quality. The speakers in mobile phones IMO, are not up to the task of capturing the kind of sound quality you would want to jam to. They are fine for getting quick ideas down and saving them for later.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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