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yamaha nocturne n-100


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I found a good deal for a Yamaha Nocturne N-100. I'm considering recommending it to one of my adult piano students as a replacement for a spinet she's had for many years.

It is by her front door and is therefore subjected to many temperature changes. It is rarely in tune.

I played the Nocturne and found it to be a very enjoyable playing experience.

Any thoughts?

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I have a Nocturne.


Depending on the price, it can be an excellent alternative to a lot of acoustic pianos.


Because it is bi amplified and uses no high frequency drivers, the Nocturne can sound warm and rich. A lot of people who have heard mine have been amazed, particularly because of the amount of bass it can produce.


The Nocturne actually sounds warmer than a lot of newer full upright grand acoustics that I have played. The longer I have had it, the more I like it.


It is possible that some of the newer Yamahas that have internal speakers ( P255?) could be made to do what the Nocturne does with the addition of a sub woofer.


But the secret of the Nocturne's good sound is that without the sub, the internal speakers sound fairly weak and puny. However, there is no interference from the internal speakers that might tend to clash with the subwoofer and that is possibly why the Nocturne sounds as good as it does.


The sound sample is ( I think ) the same as the CP33. But the speaker system is what really makes it shine. It is not terribly loud, but it is also never shrill.


I hate to think of life without it until something better comes along. After getting used to hearing it, I generally say no to a lot of acoustic uprights. It's that good.

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My former piano teacher is a concert pianist (he has now moved to Gibraltar). While here, he lived in a small apartment, with too many neighbors and no room for a grand. He doesn't drive, and had been walking a couple of miles to practice on the Steinway at a local church. After he played my PC3X, he became convinced that he could do the first 90% of his practice on an electronic instrument. I helped him to acquire a Nocturne, and he has been quite pleased with it both sound wise and for an even touch.


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