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First Gig Using iPad for Charts

J Graul

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I had my first gig reading charts from my iPad. I used forScore with an AirTurn BT-105 for turning pages. It worked flawlessly. Unfortunately my feet were not so coordinated. I'll need to practice this as I have the airturn, a sustain pedal for the lower keyboard, a switch pedal for the upper keyboard to turn on/off leslie, and a CC pedal for the upper keyboard. Not to mention that due to a sit-in drummer I had to count off each song, make sure the drummer got cues, make sure the singer didn't miss HIS cues, and PLAY! What a night. But the iPad/Airturn combination was GREAT.
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I use ForScore all the time...especially nice when people who also have ForScore are playing along, as you can use one iPad as a 'master' device and page turns and song selections are sync'd to other participating devices. I haven't tried the AirTurn..may have to look into that. Thanks for the report!

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Curious what type of environment you used the AirTurn in (e.g., loud rock band?) and which pedals you were using with the BT-105 (the ATFS-2 pedals or the Boss FS-5U)? I ask because the AirTurn website indicates that the Boss pedals are better suited for loud environments with floor vibrations (which is my primary situation), but I might also have a need for the silent operation of the ATFS-2 pedals. Therefore, I'm wondering if the ATFS-2 pedals have problems functioning properly in a loud rock band environment.





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Does any non iPad, PC based 11 inch laptop do the same thing as well?

I prefer the iPad, but I am starting to see the need for a small PC in my life!

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