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A New, Old Occurrence of GAS


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I was going to start a thread regarding older upright pianos, and I saw this.


I have been looking at Craigslist regularly for a Bush and Lane upright from the 20's. If I can't find one of those I might opt for a Farrand from the same period because during those days they were made at the same factory in Holland Michigan.


Some of the techs on the Piano World Forum say that Bush and Lane is the one to have and that a good one can surpass even the best of the best. But a lot of that has to do with the care it has received.


So I have been in touch with a couple of Bush and Lane fanatics from the Piano World forum. Interestingly, one of them suggested that I check out an Ivers and Pond from approximately the same period as the one displayed by Allan at the start of this thread.


I did pick up a 20's era Krakauer in excellent condition last year, but the bass register is still not what I am looking for, so I loaned it to a friend. The mid and upper registers on the Krakauer is excellent though. It is great for a jazz player, and the person who is using it loves it.


I thought about getting a Yamaha or Kawai but I am still looking for that holy grail deal on a vintage upright.

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