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In Ear Monitoring system question


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Myself, and one of my fellow band members have just bought LD systems MEIONE1 monitoring systems, as we're on contract in Asia and the stage monitoring was not cutting it!


I'm now a little concerned now that they've arrived, and with us both having the exact same system, we'll have to use the same mix...?


I would have thought members of the same band could by the same system, but set it to different frequencies, but it appears that the MEIONE1 has just one fixed frequency, 863,700 MHz.


Plus, one of the members of our band already uses a MEIONE1 system. So could it be that all 3 of us have to use the same mix? Or is there any kind of work around?

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not familiar with that system, but even if it transmits on the same frequency, it should have different channels within that frequency to isolate the mixes? What does the manual say?

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Have you tried contacting them directly at:




It appears from their website product description that each product:




MEI Three


is a single-channel, fixed-frequency product. Thus if you have 3 musicians who each want their own mix, you'd buy one of each. If you all have a MEI One, than, yes, you're all operating on the same frequency, same channel and will all share one mix.


This is all I can surmise from reading their website, and may have interpreted the data incorrectly. Suggest you contact them ASAP - surely you can't be the first purchaser to run into this problem and they may be willing to swap two of you to get you a MEI Two and a MEI Three so you'll each have what you want.


Best of luck to you.



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