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Does your DAW sample-stretch without warning ?

Theo Verelst

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Now, that's a bit daft question, isn't it? It seems like it.


Yesterday I was working on making some samples from my 192/24 deep processing audio "pipeline" on Linux, and I once more was not liking that it appeared as if a program I'd used only to trim a sample, changed the sound. After that I used "sox" (command line tool on Linux) to do the trim, used a unix tool to compare (bit-for-bit) if the trimmed wav-file was the same (after the trim point) as the original. That was so, but it reminded me of what sometimes messes up the feel of a piece, besides timing accuracy.


Do you ever test if your recordings, or track processing "plug-ins" are honest about the exact sample count, and about data flowing through unchanged when all knobs are neutral ?




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