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Parts for Motion Sound amp?


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I just picked up a KP-200s for short money on CL, but it's missing some parts:


ALL the knobs. ($2/ea on Motion Sound's site) (is this a problem with MS? I see lots of these amps with missing knobs)

ALL but one of the screws on the back (N/A through MS)

The MS logo on the front (again, N/A through MS)

The inset screw washers/grommets on the front grille.

Also, the fabric on the grille is stained and worn.


Anyone have a source for this stuff, OTHER than Motion Sound? I'm not particular on the knobs, but I don't have one to bring to Home Depot for comparison in case they have something that'll work. Ditto on the machine screws holding the amp in place - I suppose I can just bring my one remaining screw to a hardware store and start searching.


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Sorry, don't know source for parts. I did have to open mine up because the bolts/nuts holding the electronics to the chassis became very loose. This made the knobs "wobbly" and I suspect might eventually cause them to come off. Tightened them and everything is fine. I've only done this once in ten years, but I don't gig that often. Otherwise, I've been happy with the unit..it was the best compromise for me at the time and I like the stereo imaging. However, if I had to replace it today, I would almost certainly go the powered PA speaker route.

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