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Kurz PC1x midi help

David Loving

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I'd like to set up my PC1X to send program changes. I can't figure it out.

Gone through the manual. Can't find a tutorial (maybe 'cause the board is old) Haven't found anything here, or the Kurz forums. My problem is that I guess I can't make sense of the manual for the PC1X. I have had this board forever but have only used it as a portable piano. I got interested in software and have Native Instruments Kontakt 5 [K5}. K5 has multi- instrument groups (multis) . For instance: Piano, Rhodes, Tonewheel B3, Clav, etc. One can assemble the Multi

and select each sound as needed. I can do this easily with an AlesisQ88, or my most excellent KorgNano. The PC1x? nope. I can't get past finding set-up 128. I'd like to set up my PC1X to send program changes, too. Could anyone walk me through the steps? I am hitting my head on the digital ceiling in the Kurzweil room. I'm thinking about an Artis, but if I can't understand the old gear, I'm probably not a good candidate customer for the Artis. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to hit you with the manual.... but check out page 4-24.

Remember the PDF version is searchable and will be most up to date.



There are specific instructions for how to send MIDI program and bank messages, part of a larger section on controlling external slaves. It should be a capable controller for the software instruments.


Start with page 4-24. If you get stuck, get in touch with Kurz support and they'll get you sorted.


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I have a PC2 & PC2X that I made setups to use as MIDI controller, but not program changes. My understanding is that MIDI commands have to be sent to the other keyboard in format that is understood by the other keyboard, and that Kurzweil provided a couple of common methods, but I don't know the details.


You might get more results if you try the Mastering VAST forum. There are some pretty knowledgable folk there. Some of them also show up here, so keep monitoring your thread here.


The PC3 series has a lot more MIDI controller capability than the PC2 or PC1 (which basically is a PC2 minus the KB3 section).

Mastering VAST forums You will have to register to access the forum (unless you already have an account).


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