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AC to USB Power Supply Question.. any would-be EEs?


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I have a controller keyboard that can be powered by USB bus or a (optional) 5 volt adapter. When I use the controller with 5-pin MIDI with hardware synths I don't have the USB plugged into an ipad or laptop to power it... BUT...


I noticed if I plug the USB in to the Apple "wall wart" it seems to power the keyboard nicely.. thus saving me $$$ and having to haul yet another adapter around.


I can't find anything about whether this is kosher or not..

Any thoughts / warnings / advice?


Thanks! :)

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I've done this and even mentioned this exact thing in another thread here. This works great for my Roland A800 Pro. With my previous controller, a Edirol PCR-M80, switching the power source from the adapter to USB disabled the midi ports, making it impossible to use USB power with 5-pin midi.


More advantages: the Apple wall wart is multi-voltage, works in any country. And I've seen non-Apple copies in hardware stores or drug stores for as little as $4, in case you're in a jam and need another one. I bought a generic Chinese USB 5v adapter for $2 I keep in the accessory case as a backup.

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I am a USB expert. You are fine as long as the product is designed according to USB specifications.

Mike Kent

- Chairman of MIDI 2.0 Working Group

- Co-Author of USB Device Class Definition for MIDI Devices 1.0 and 2.0

- Member of MIDI Association Technical Standards Board

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