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Do you dig this?


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I'd have dug it more without the cheezoid keyboard.....

Actually that is a better ep sound than I would expect from an m1. I notice she has a card though.

Obviously the m1 will be dated but if you keep programming (and change the batteries every few years) you can keep it reasonably fresh. Mine has decent mellotrons and a passable hammond sound (via a card). MainStage sounds better of course, but in a pinch it is usable and super reliable and stable. I actually like the action on it too, at least compared to most newer synth actions I've tried.

Stage: Korg Krome 88.

Home: Korg Kross 61, Yamaha reface CS, Korg SP250, Korg mono/poly Kawai ep 608, Korg m1, Yamaha KX-5


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She is clearly a fantastic player and singer. And it's a cool little song. But the production values - the EP sound and bass playing/sound - are not my favorite.


I would love to hear this song re-done with a more realistic Rhodes sound (or just a real Rhodes) and a fingered 4 string J-bass without all that high EQ boost (and maybe fewer notes).


The curious thing is, the M1 did have a more realistic Rhodes preset than whatever we're hearing. (I used it a bunch on college projects.) In this case it seems like they were deliberately going for the DX7 FM EP thing. Not my cup of tea flavor-wise.


But there's no denying that it's a killer performance!

And life would be boring if we only partake of our own favorite flavors all the time.





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