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Enigma drum sound on which 'old' Roland??


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I learned to play the keyboard 20 / 25 years ago, on the Roland E36. At that time a great instrument. A few years after I decided to quit with my 'music carreer' (...), I visited the Music School again (for whatever reason, don't know anymore). At that time, they were equipped with Roland keyboards which could produce *exactly* the same drum sound as in the early Enigma songs (Mea Culpa etc.). Since I'm looking for a 'vintage' keyboard again (meaning cheap and not prof, just to practice again), I thought it would be a nice idea to have such of these ones. I'm pretty sure these were Rolands, but... what type / serie? Does anyone have a clue?


Thanks for the answer in advance!

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Dredging up my memory of those imho bland pseudo-spiritual tracks, I'm remembering TR-808 samples? Those will be in a lot of boards, not just Roland.


Hmmm, a quick search doesn't reveal anything. Plenty of sample libraries that you could load into a modern workstation, though.


Sorry not to be more help.


Cheers, Mike.

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The E36 was an 'arranger' keyboard, a modern equivalent would be something like a BK-5. Alternatively something from the Korg PA or Yamaha Tyros ranges, there are quite a few examples on YouTube, such as this one


Otherwise there are loads of wholly or partially computer based options which provide more flexibility and value if you are prepared to dig into them.

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Roland E Series Boards. They had some interesting sounds although they never really felt like a synth to me. The original drum sounds you speak of found a home in a lot of Roland boards including the D Series Rolands. The first time I really heard that drum sound you speak of was on the Alpha Juno 1 and 2 (1986) and the JX 10. And as stoken6 alluded to, sampled versions of these sound wound up on a lot of boards/drum machines from that era including Boss and Alesis Drum Machines, Korg Synths and particularly good examples written for Ensoniq ESQ-1/SQ 80. I even have those samples on believe it or not 2.8 Quick Disk for use with my Roland S-10 Sampler :)


and btw


for that gated sound and echo, 1st generation Alesis Midiverb and Midifex (the cute little boxes with the odd ball power supplies) :laugh:

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