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Replacing an old friend

earl the pearl

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Time to replace the ageing SP76! Love it like a child but I know theres something out there I will like better. Got the itch!Using only for piano and EPs as the VR will take care of organ and horn/strings I need for Classic covers. Budget is telling me about a grand.Maybe a used 300NX or something equivalent. Suggestions from the experts who have been so helpfull in the past?

What if the Hokey Pokey IS what its all about?


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SP4-7 - I had an SP88X back around 2005 so I'm familiar with the SP76 sounds, got a PC2 to replace it. All the sounds from the SP plus others.


Plus - real wheels for pitch and mod instead of the SP76 type.

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Pianos and EPs - I second the above suggestions (although I'm not wild about the Kurz AP and Casio EPs), and throw in a third: Korg SV1/73 (if you want that six-octave size)? I know some aren't mad about the APs, but I quite liked them. And the EPs sound great through the on-board valve.


Cheers, Mike.

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I like the Kurzweil sounds. so (of course) I would also suggest the SP4-7. However try it out first. The feel of the keys is a little different from your SP76. I was playing an SP88x at church and then moved up to a SP4-8. I like the added features and more voices of the newer SP, but I'll still miss the rugged build and the simple OS of the original SP. ~BOB
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