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MOXF8..How durable is it?


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Just saw the keyboard at Guitar Center. A couple of knobs were broken and the unit shut off without warning. I know this is the demo but I was wondering how it holds up. I do like the keyboard action...still need to see the C4. Is the S6 sample doing the job or are you guys finding a better piano sample with the flash memory? I'm sure a hard case would be the way to go with this board.
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Don't know about durability as I just got mine a few weeks ago. But it's the same board as its predecessor (physically, that is). Mox owners will probably chime in about that.


My preferred all around piano is the s700 for my style of playing. I wish it had the woodiness of the s6, but I just don't care for the s6 overall. The CF sample is pretty good but suffers from short decay times which gets in the way for me.


Still getting used to the action. I find the normal curve a bit too heavy for piano but good for EP, and the light curve way too light for EP but comfortable for piano. Wish I could split the difference.



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[...] the unit shut off without warning.[...]

The MOXF has an Auto Power Off function that defaults to 30 minutes if not set otherwise. Other settings are 5, 10, 15, 60, 120 minutes, or to turn the function off completely.


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