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hammond sk1


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What version OS is in the SK-1 now? There are 2 types of memory that USB drives can be made with. Early SKs were not compatible with one of them. That was resolved in one of the updates. There is more information about that in the SK-1 Tips and Tricks topic.


What brand and size USB drive do you have? A small size drive from a well known mfgr. may work best.


If you take the drive out and power on what happens? If you power off, insert the drive and then power on what happens?

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I'm afraid to say I don't know which version it has. I received the SK1 from Hammond this past year, and was at namm last week, and Scott Mays informed me I could upgrade it, so I followed the directions from webpage. I have tried turning it off and on, with, and without the drive, with no luck. The display screen lights up, but nothing on it.
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