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Need help building a clock..


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..patch. Been working on one of Toni's tunes and thought an intro of a ticking clock slowing down to a stop would be very befitting. Any thoughts how you guys would build a convincing tick-tock? On the surface I was thinking of chopping a woodblock patch and opening up the cut-off and res. and adding some release. Any insight is appreciated.
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For a wood sound, start with a square or triangle wave (odd harmonics).


Then you want a damped ringing filter envelope. I think your idea of starting with a woodblock sound seems promising.



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Why not just sample a wind-up clock? If you want to slow it down without pitch changing, create a multisample of all the individual ticks, clicks, and toks and reassemble in a sequence or arpeggio that you can vary the tempo of. A lot of clocks are more than just the prominent tik tok, there's other little clicks in between.


If you want to roll it from scratch without sampling, I'd look for sounds more metallic in nature than woodblock., band pass or high pass filtering could be your friend.



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